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Head shop

The Avalon Magic Plants head shop is entirely focused on providing you with the accessories and tools that you need. This means that we do not supply the drugs or the calming substances, we simply provide the items that you need for their use. Would you like to smoke a joint? You can use one of our grinders to break up your cannabis. Do you want to make your own capsules with herbs? Our head shop supplies empty capsules and capsule machines. Our online selection also includes incense, scales, water pipes and vaporisers.

Wide variety of accessories and systems

Avalon offers a wide and varied selection with everything you need to relax with calming substances in your free time. Are you looking to try something out or are you set on finding a specific product? Review our selection and order today. In the head shop, you’ll find:



We are constantly expanding our selection, so that you always have plenty of choices and can find what you are looking for at the web shop. We have the right fit for any budget! You should also take a look at the various “shops” within our web shop to find more interesting items. Our ayahuasca sessions happen to be very popular right now, as is the session on growing magic mushrooms at home.


Ordering online at Avalon

At Avalon, we send out all shipments with 100% discretion. Your neighbour does not need to know that you want to grow mushrooms in your house, smoke out of a water pipe or roll joints, right?  If you place an order over 50 euros, you won’t have to pay any shipping costs either. Order now so you can get everything you need without the pesky shipping costs! Do you have any questions about our selections or ordering our products? All you need to do is contact our customer service department.